What is Hanen?

Hanen: More Than Words Program


The More Than Words Program was designed specifically for the parents of children aged 5 and under, on the autistic spectrum or with language delay and other social communication difficulties. 

This program provides parents with the tools, strategies, and support they need to help their children reach their full communication potential. 

More than Words does this by empowering you to help your child reach the following three goals: 

1. Improved social communication and back and forth interactions. 
2. Improved play skills. 
3. Improved imitation skills.


What will I learn? 


- What motivates your child to communicate. 
- How to use your knowledge about your child to set appropriate and realistic goals. 
- How to make interactions with your child last longer. 
- Tips for using pictures to help your child’s understanding. 
- Strategies for how to talk so your child understands you and learns new words 
- Strategies to develop your child’s play skills. 
- Ways to help your child make friends. 

Hanen fees: 


The More than Words program can be offered individually or as part of a small group with other parents. There is the option to spread the cost of the program if required. 

Full 13 weeks Hanen More than Words program includes: 

- Pre-Program consultation (assessment) 
This is an assessment of your child’s communication and play skills. 
This includes a written summary of your child’s speech, language, and communication needs, and recommendations. 

- Every child requires an assessment session before starting Hanen to ensure the program is the most suitable intervention. 

Orientation session (approx 1.5 hours) 


- Introduction to the program: What is the Hanen More than Words Program, building your understanding of Autism and social communication, stages of communication. 


- Determination of your child’s stage of communication and goals for therapy using the Hanen child profile. 


8 Parent training sessions (1-1.5 hours each) 

- Each session has a different focus and strategies which will be taught through video examples and discussions. 
- At the end of each training session we will support you to create an individualised home plan to enable you to practice the strategies you have learned with your child at home. 

3 individual video feedback sessions (1 hour each) 


- You will be asked to video yourself with your child using a strategy you have learned from the training sessions or the SLT’s will make observations during the video call with the SLT recording the play so you can watch it back together. You will then watch the video back with the SLT and notice when your child communicates and how you supported the interaction. 


Group Package: £800

Full Hanen Program delivered in a small group of Parents and led by one of our Specialist Speech and Language Therapists

(8-10 families per group)

This package is ideal for families who want to meet other families for discussion and extra support.  


The next start date is August 2022. 

Visit the official Hanen website for further information here: https://www.hanen.org/Home.aspx