Image by Kristine Cinate

Laura O'Keefe


Office Manager

A Bit About Me

Hello, I'm Laura! I have worked in the NHS for 12 years, first working in Occupational Therapy Out-Patients, then onto IT, specialising in creating clinics for outpatients and building wards. This gave me great experience of both outpatients and patients, and also all the background information of working with healthcare systems.  



I have a young child who has a language delay.  This allows me to completely understand what parents and children visiting our clinic are going through, who struggle in the same area.  This enables me to connect with on a different level than most people, including family members, as I am on the same journey.



Through Rebecca Pearson Speech and Language Clinic, I hope we can build a community where parents and children never feel alone on their speech and language journey.


When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, going out for meals, and cooking.